Barbe Bleue

Exclusive type design for 
Georg Büchner – Revolutionary with Quill and Scalpel  

Designed by KOMA AMOK
Joerg Ewald Meißner, Gerd Sebastian Jakob

Barbe Bleue has been exclusively designed for the exhibition catalogue Georg Büchner – Revolutionary with Quill and Scalpel as a system of characters. It’s forms are inspired by the clean and straight cuts and carvings of a chirurgical tool (Büchner’s very first publisher, Karl Gutzkow, used to describe the author’s techniques and intentions as “He’s doing autopsy”).

The name “Barbe Bleue” (Bluebeard) derives from the French tale of the same name. Combining German with French it mirrors Büchner’s life in both countries, with associations to three central themes in Büchner’s works: studies of fish (“barbe” is also “barbel”), folk tales (Büchner might have encountered the French tale La Barbe bleue during his stays in Strasbourg), and his fascination with the theme of murder (see Büchner’s play Woyzeck).