David Lynch – Lithos

It was kind of a Lynchian situation, when we met David Lynch to discuss the layout of Lithos. While thousands of people were grounded and in panic all over Europe because of the volcano eruptions of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull it was spring break in Paris and all of the blossoms gave a surreal background to the noticeable nervousness everywhere. It is hard to tell what was more impressive: the location at Patrice Forest’s Item éditions, a printing studio—flooded by soft rays which came through the skylight—where the likes of Picasso, Matisse, Miró or Cassandre had printed their lithographs, or seeing David Lynch himself at work, bringing his visions onto stone.

The book David Lynch – Lithos is a kind of sequel to its predecessor Dark Splendor, which we designed before. Where Dark Splendor is a colorful journey through the manifold media of his creative work, Lithos is a real monograph focussing on David Lynch’s lithographs, mainly in black and white. Based on the type design we did for Dark Splendor we developed the font family Materia for the texts and the cover. Instead of antique pink (as in Dark Splendor) this time the texts are printed on a soft grey, reminding of the original color of the stones David Lynch uses for his lithographs.

Hardcover with dust jacket
300 mm × 240 mm
192 pages
Materia (custom type)
Hardcover with dust jacket
1 edition, English and French
Published by Hatje Cantz

pp. 30/31 
left page showing
Murder Victim 
by David Lynch (2007),
right page showing
Man Waking From Dream
by David Lynch (2009)  

pp. 42/43 
doublespread showing deatail of 
Hello, Goodbye 
by David Lynch (2009)

pp. 158/159 
right page showing detail of 
Woman With Dream
by David Lynch (2007)  

p. 108
right page showing
Woman Rising
by David Lynch (2009)

p. 155
quote from the essay 
Deeper Into Vibrating Landscape
(The images resemble a cave with
a square opening, or the survace
of a bone upon which an inner force
appears as cracks and stains.)
by Chihiro Minato

pp. 160-164
left sides showing
Holding on to the Relative
by David Lynch (2008),
right sides showing
Change the Fuckin Channel Fuckface
by David Lynch (2008/09)

pp. 102/103
left page showing
Untitled (Distorted Nudes series)
by David Lynch (2004),
right page showing
Untitled (Industrial Motives series)
by David Lynch (undated)

pp. 302/303
Eraser Head, filmstills