Designed by Joerg Ewald Meißner, Gerd Sebastian Jakob

Published by Elsner+Flake

Minimal, modular, modern—the design of Materia combines pure, strong geometrical form with a subtle, distinct appearance.

The aesthetic principles are inspired by lettering from the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, found in the East of France. Inspite of its origins the visual language of Materia speaks of “future”.

Originally the typeface was created especially for the book David Lynch — Lithos by item editions, Paris. The font is formally built on a grid. Wherever optical curves are needed for a smoother, more comfortable shape of letters, diagonals are trimming  off the edges—like the cutting of diamonds. Thus headlines and texts set in Materia are given a certain “edgy” feeling, whereas their tonality is still kept well-balanced, keeping concentration all on information in a nonconformist way.

Materia comes in eight styles, from Thin to Ultra. Even a regular Italic is available. Two of the styles are explicitly designed for display use, Shadow and Code. Both are ready for combinations with other styles, the layering of Shadow and Code e. g. allows astonishing effects of highlighting within the letters.

The Open Type features of the font are real Pro, containing accented Latin letters for over 70 languages, small caps, old style, tabular and lining figures and special condensed titling all caps.

Thin, Light, Regular, Italic, Bold, Shadow, Code, Ultra